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The VCDO 58A represents a new breed of sound generation for the modular environment. The primary design goal was to implement a variety of digital synthesis techniques and to combine them together in one module

The most significant wave-shaping feature of the 58A utilizes the technique referred to as Two-Operator FM, providing a wide variety of timbres from mellow bell like tones to complex distortion.

The inclusion of harmonically rich sample based wave tables extends the complexity of the FM effect comparable to multi-operator systems. AM (Amplitude Modulation) is also available on-board as is standard Exponential FM using the Expo FM Jack

Conventional analogue VCOs are modulated with externally generated signals from LFOs and secondary VCOs etc. Digital implementation of the VCDO 58B affords superior FM stability with internally generated, phase locked, sine table modulator. The FM Index function controls the amplitude or depth of the modulation while the Ratio control tunes the modulator to a rational frequency value relative to the carrier frequency. Phase locking the modulator with the carrier produces beat-free timbres that retain spectral relationships over the entire frequency range.

The 58A includes standard VCO wave forms and adds several sample based wave tables. Pulse width modulation and hard sync are also supported. Switch selectable quantized pitch tracking in semi-tone steps or non-quantized continuous frequency control with fine tune.

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