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This Module is discontinued.

Dual Oscillator 46A

The Dual Oscillator 46A module is two wide range temperature compensated VCOs in a single space. The 46A uses the same stable VCO core from the Oscillator 01A. Designed to offer the fattened sound of two oscillators with the added convenience of global tuning and switch selectable octave range controls. The UI is optimized for standard keyboard controller use. Referenced tuning controls simplify setup when performing with other concert pitch instruments.


  • 2 VCOs with switch select saw and sqr/pulse wave forms
  • Global tracking of both osc. with one volt per octave input
  • Mix out with cross fade level control
  • Auxiliary VCO ' B ' output for independent processing
  • Initial Pulse Width control and CV PWM destination control
  • Individual CV modulation inputs with attenuators for A/B
  • Detune control offsets pitch for added animation.
  • Global Fine tune control
  • Calibrated 6 position Rotary Octave range switch
  • Calibrated 3 position octave offset^ switch for 'B' Oscillator
  • Front panel access to scaling calibration trim pots

^ Larger offset intervals are possible using the CV inputs.


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