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This Module is discontinued.

Quad sub octave generator with ring mod and staircase wave generator

This module addresses those on a quest for a seriously beefy bottom end! Not only does it extend bass frequencies a powerful four-octaves below the signal that you feed into it, but each of the sub octaves has a level knob so you can control the mixed output like the drawbars of an organ.

Of course, you can flip the Mode Switch to engage a total of four internal ring modulators, which can really put some "heavy" in your heavy metal!

We've combined Paul Schreiber's awesome Sub Octave Multiplexer with parts from Scott Juskiw and Richard Brewster to create a souped-up version of the original module.

The new Cynthia Sub Mux Deluxe adds individual outputs from each of the four sub octave generators, (useful in stereo and quadraphonic applications), so now each of the four sub frequencies can be processed separately throughout your system!

This limited edition module features a new Staircase Waveform Output offering a binary weighted sum of the four subs which generates patterns and simple voltage sequences. Adjustments are can be made with an AC/DC Coupling Switch, and an LED is provided to monitor these patterns.

You really can get quite a range of sounds with this classic circuit - powerful sounds that range from thunderous house rattling bass, to massively klangourous hash sending everyone running for cover. Please use this module responsibly!


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submitted Jan 5th 2017, 09:34 by Pozor

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