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Rhythmic Divider

The Rhythmic and Prime Divider modules are both comprised of seven independent frequency dividers with an input and logic-level output on each. The divider channels may be patched in series to derive any division factor. For example, to divide by 6, patch a divide-by-2 in series with a divide-by-3. The Rhythmic Divider has four divide-by-2 channels and three divide-by-3 channels. The Prime Divider channels divide by the prime numbers 5, 7, 11, 13, 17, 19 and 23. These two extremely versatile and complementary modules will find wide use in any size system.

Because of their ability to divide up to seven different signals simultaneously (instead of only one input signal at a time as do traditional dividers), you suddenly have this new hub of activity to patch throughout your system. LEDS on each signal flash to show exactly what is happening and where.

The eighth input on each module is a global Reset jack for synchronization purposes, and is level sensitive - causing all dividers to hold at reset until the reset signal falls low. There is also a button for manual reset, and you can select whether the dividers reset all-high or all-low with a front panel switch!

All inputs feature our anything-to-logic processor circuit. Any waveform is accepted provided it crosses above 1 volt. This means you can patch in a .001Hz sine wave and a divide-by-2 will reliably make you .0005Hz. Complex waveforms which cross the 1V threshold multiple times per cycle will produce interesting results.

Given a square wave input, the outputs are guaranteed to be 50% duty cycle square waves out, (even for odd division factors). This is great for rhythm generation because the ANDs are positioned correctly. (If the input square wave is not at 50%, the output ANDs will swing. That is, the falling edges will not be precisely between the rising edges...)

In addition to all the rhythm and pulsing jobs these dividers do for you... Unique timbral possibilities abound when the modules are taken into the audio range! Patching in a mix of oscillators into a single divider yields wild chaotic intervals. (A Cynthia Sawtooth Animator module used as a source creates random octave shifts).

You can also generate fixed audio frequency intervals saving yourself oscillators. Patch a VCO into a divide-by-2 and a divide-by-3, mix the outputs and you�ve got yourself a fifth that tracks perfectly!

There are control voltage uses as well. Patch up your divider chain of choice and take various outputs into a mixer. Use the mix to control a VCO. Instant mini sequencer!

Will the fun ever stop?


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