1 U
Current Draw
? mA +15V
? mA -15V

This Module is discontinued.

Something Wicked this way comes...eh?

Discontinued by it's own Master, and ever shrouded in mystery is this John Blacet enigma: The Dark Star Chaos.

The Cyclops Blue LED is the window to the soul of this module's highly prized noise modulated oscillator and filter combination. Like a one-panel mini synthesizer of it's own, it's incredibly useful as an independent chaotic voice in a system because it features voltage control of it's pulse width, noise clock rate, and oscillator & filter frequencies. The built-in envelope generator is also modified for voltage control, and there is a separate filter output modification as well.

Due to scarcity of parts, these are no longer manufactured by Blacet Research. Occasionally we find one of these, although they are scarcer than dragon's teeth... Best to capture your own Dark Star Chaos Module and send it to us - if it is ever to learn the Modcanian ways...

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