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Submitted Modules

Trunk line / multipleEurorack
V256 VocoderFrac
7" TFT Monitor PanelFrac
Significant OtherFrac
Commodore 64 InterfaceFrac
Commodore 64 PanelFrac
Hugh Le Caine Blank PanelFrac
Mark Vail Blank PanelFrac
Jean Michel Jarre Blank PanelFrac
Grant Richter Blank PanelFrac
Walter (Wendy) Carlos Blank PanelFrac
Herbie Hancock Blank PanelFrac
Keith Emerson Blank PanelFrac
Hans ZimmerFrac
Giorgio Moroder Blank PanelFrac
Brian Eno Blank PanelFrac
Depeche Mode Blank PanelFrac
Wendy CarlosFrac
Tonto & Cecil Blank PanelFrac
Leon Theremin Blank PanelFrac
Tangerine Dream Blank PanelFrac
Suzanne Ciani Blank PanelFrac
John Simonton Blank PanelFrac
Scott LeeFrac
Bob Moog Blank PanelFrac
George Mattson Blank PanelFrac
Kraftwerk Blank PanelFrac
Multiplicity XVFrac
Express 4Frac
808 Bass CloneFrac
Blank PanelFrac
Blank PanelFrac
MAQ16/3 Breakout ExpanderEurorack
Mattson SQ816Frac
Multi-Window Comparator Frac
FD ExpanderFrac
BMW Mini Wave ExpanderFrac
Gate SequencerFrac
PAiA Hot Springs ReverbFrac
Synthrotek PT2399 DelayFrac
Catgirl Synth V8 Engine SimulatorFrac
HexInverter batteryACIDFrac
Synthrotek LoFi FuzzFrac
Synthrotek Atari Punk ConsoleFrac
HexInverter vcNOIZFrac
Catgirl Synth Steiner Synthacon VCFFrac
PAiA 9802 Phono PreampFrac
Bleep Labs Bleep Drum / CradleFrac
Barton Quad Gate Delay / LooperFrac
Barton Wave AnimatorFrac
Barton Random ResonatorFrac
Barton Simple CV QuantizerFrac
Catgirl Synth / Serge Smooth and Stepped GeneratorFrac
Catgirl Synth / Serge Dual Universal Slope GeneratorFrac
OBERmod SnakeFrac
Catgirl Synth Drum SimulatorFrac
Catgirl Synth Chime SimulatorFrac
Catgirl Synth Digital NoiseFrac
Catgirl Synth Psycho LFOFrac
Synthrotek Coron DS8 CloneFrac
Mattson VCOFrac
HexInverter SympleSeqFrac
Barton User Writable QuantizerFrac
Catgirl Synth Waveshape VCOFrac
Catgirl Synth ReverbFrac
Gabotronics Mixed Signal OscilloscopeFrac
HexInverter NeinOhNein Clap/RimFrac
HexInverter AteOhAte Mutant CowbellFrac
HexInverter Liquid HiHatFrac
HexInverter NeinOhNein KickFrac
Midwest Analog Products ADV-BassFrac
OBERmod LoFi SamplerFrac
PAiA Drum Tone BoardFrac
Mattson Amplitude FollowerFrac
Mattson Gate DelayFrac
Mattson / Patchell VCFFrac
Coron DS7 CloneFrac
Doepfer MT16Frac
Highly Liquid MD24 Midi DecoderFrac

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Catgirl Synth Waveshape VCO (5), Catgirl Synth Reverb (5) and Polivoks VCF (5)
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