8 U
Current Draw
120 mA +15V
30 mA -15V
5 mA 5V
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Q960 Sequential Controller

Sequential Controller

The Q960 Sequential Controller is a recreation of Bob Moog's famous 960 module. Built using modern components yet retaining the 960's unique functionality including the highly sought-after skip function, 3rd row timing control and trigger in/out for each stage.

The Q960 is an 8 stage, 3 row sequencer with an internal oscillator. Each row can control any voltage-controlled module such as an oscillator or filter. A 9th stage provides a place for the sequencer to stop. A lamp for each stage indicates when it's active.

The front panel is divided into 3 sections: Oscillator, Stages, and Output. Each stage has 3 knobs which determine the voltage at the 3 row outputs (A, B, C). The row outputs can be scaled using the 'X' switches (X1, X2, X4). A mode switch for each stage selects Skip, Normal, or Stop. A trigger (Gate) input signal will select a particular stage, as does the manual push button. A trigger (Gate) output signal is available when a stage is active.

The Q960 Sequencer faithfully recreates the original Moog 960 panel layout and functionality, but the circuitry has been modernized.

The internal oscillator has 6 ranges and a variable control. A lamp indicates when the oscillator is on. Both manual buttons and Triggers (Gates) can turn the oscillator On/Off. An external 1V/Octave voltage control allows the Q960 to be used as a programmable waveform oscillator. An external shift input and manual shift button provide additional control of stage activation.


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