2 U
Current Draw
30 mA +15V
30 mA -15V
5 mA 5V
$350 Price in €

This Module is currently available.

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The Q106 Oscillator is the foundation of any synthesizer providing the basic waveforms used to construct sounds. With a total range of .05hz to 20kHz+, the Q106 operates as a powerful audio oscillator and a full-featured LFO.

Precise tracking with temperature compensation
Pure analog circuitry
Rock solid stability
Sine, triangle, saw, ramp, pulse outputs
2 fixed 1V/Octave control inputs and 1 variable
Variable linear control input
Manual and voltage controlled pulse width (PWM)
Quick, precise range switching
Hard sync
Add soft sync, waveform switching, inversion and attenuating with the Q141 Aid module
Add waveform mixing with the Q161 Mixer module


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