1 U
Current Draw
? mA +15V
? mA -15V
? mA 5V
$195 Price in €

This Module is currently available.

Attenuverter/mixer/signal processor

The Active Attenuators module is a cascading bipolar gain processor which combines attenuation, mixing, signal processing, and distribution in one general-purpose module. There are three bipolar gain cells (top, middle, and bottom) which have two inputs per cell. The left input of each cell is normalized to the left input of the cell above, save the first which is normalized to +5 volts. As it ships, the top two cells have a range of -100 percent to +100 percent gain, and the bottom cell has a 200 percent gain range.

For example, take an LFO running at -5V to +5V and turn it into 0 to 10V with the top cell, send fixed CV to a second module with the middle cell, and then amplify a weak signal with the bottom cell. Or be boring and just use it as 3 attenuators. I'll probably do that myself.

Whatever you do, this Swiss Army knife of signal processing is sure to be a benefit to your electronic music studio.


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