3 U
Current Draw
150 mA +15V
150 mA -15V
? mA 5V

This Module is currently available.

TLN-712 Doomsday Machine voltage controlled waveform animator

The Tellun Corporation

TLN-712 Doomsday Machine

Introduction The TLN-712 Doomsday Machine is a voltage controlled waveform animator for modular synthesizers. Originally conceived as two separate modules, the TLN-712 comprises two different animation circuits and four voltage-controlled LFOs (low frequency oscillators). The first animator (Thalaran Radiation Emitter) is based on the Multi-Phase Waveform Animator by Bernie Hutchins. The second animator (Cascading Biogenic Pulse) is based on the Pulse Width Multiplier by Craig Anderton. Both circuits require several modulation sources in order to generate their animation effect. The four built-in LFOs provide the necessary modulation without the need for external modules. Patch points are included for external modulation, if desired.

MU Panel by DSL-MAN


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