1 U
72 mm deep
Current Draw
45 mA +15V
45 mA -15V
0 mA 5V
$281 Price in €

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Deep Equinoxe

Voltage controlled eight stage phaser

This is an upgrade of our four stage OTA based phaser design, the Oakley Equinox. The original was wonderfully lush and smooth and similar in sound to the phaser used by Jean Michel Jarre on the Oxygene and Equinoxe albums. The Deep Equinoxe goes further. An additional two or four stages can be added deepening the effect creating a very rich and animated sound.

The unit includes a useful internal low frequency oscillator with accompanying bicolour LED. The centre frequency of the phase shifter can also be controlled by an external control voltage. Thus allowing envelope generators to be used to sweep the phaser to create filter type effects. Four front panel pots and two switches control the module:

Frequency: This pot controls the frequency of the two notches created by the phase shift network.

Emphasis: This pot accentuates the feedback signal within the phaser to create a deeper effect.

Mod Depth: A simple attenuator to adjust the level of the internal LFO or incoming CV.

LFO rate: This pot adjusts the speed of the LFO.

Norm/Deep: This two way toggle switch selects between the classic four stage Oakley Equinoxe mode and the Deep modes.

Six/Eight: This two way toggle switch selects between six stage or eight stage phasing when in Deep mode.

The internal LFO produces a triangle wave output which is also available from a front panel socket, LFO OUT. This allows you to use the internal LFO for other modulation purposes. The LFO signal is automatically routed to the modulation depth pot when no jack is inserted in the CV IN socket. The module features an on board jumper to select whether the LFO OUT signal is inverted or non inverted compared to the modulating signal.

The unit is designed to work with standard MOTM/Oakley signal levels, although it could be easily converted to be driven from other sources including an electric guitar.

For DIY builders of this module it is possible to purchase the Sock4 circuit board which is available separately. This little board speeds up the wiring of the four 1/4" sockets and reduces the chances of any wiring errors.

The Deep Equinoxe uses a standard Equinoxe PCB (issue 5 or above) with the Deep Equinoxe daughter board installed neatly above it. A simple six way interconnect joins the two boards together. Please note that the Deep Equinoxe board cannot be easily retrofitted to older Equinoxe boards.



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