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My salted EurorackEurorack
deadmau5 modcan missing bottom rowMOTM
Daft punk modcan recreationModcan A
Deadmau5 eurorack (rough recreation) [2011-12 era]Eurorack

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Submitted Modules

AB100 Instrument/Amp SelectorPedals
HM300 Heavy MetalPedals
DRM1 MK IV w/ Trigger inputsPedals
NR300 Noise ReducerPedals
PN-2 Tremolo/PanPedals
CS-2 Compression SustainerPedals
ST-2 Power StackPedals
SF300 Super FuzzPedals
CE-3 ChorusPedals
AD-999 Analog DelayPedals
UV300 Ultra VibratoPedals
Arturia DrumbrutePedals
BC-2 Bass ComboPedals
DA-2 Adaptive DistortionPedals
MZ-2 Digital MetalizerPedals
DN-2 Dyna DrivePedals
TW-1 T WahPedals
M222 Talk BoxPedals
TO800 Vintage Tube OverdrivePedals
CL9 Compressor/LimiterPedals
PH10 Bi-Mode PhaserPedals
Starlight DLXPedals
UT300 Ultra TremoloPedals
TM300 Tube Amp ModelerPedals
HD300 Heavy DistortionPedals
UC200 Ultra ChorusPedals
OD300 Overdrive DistortionPedals
UM300 Ultra MetalPedals
RV600 Reverb MachinePedals
DR400 Digital Reverb/DelayPedals
Digital Delay DD600Pedals
Graphic Equalizer EQ700Pedals
Helicon Talkbox SynthPedals
LM-2 LimiterPedals
PH-2 Super PhaserPedals
US600 Ultra Shifter/HarmonistPedals
PH-1 PhaserPedals
AC-3 Acoustic SimulatorPedals
VO-1 VocoderPedals
Colour Box (Alternate panel)Pedals
Chorus MiniPedals
BF-1 FlangerPedals
Small Stone V4Pedals
DC-2 Dimension CPedals
SC10 Super Stereo ChorusPedals
BC10 Stereo Bass ChorusPedals
Turbo Flange Pedals
Bass Multi ChorusPedals
Hyper PhasePedals
CEB-3 Bass ChorusPedals
SF400 Super FlangerPedals
Twin StagsPedals
SP-1 SpectrumPedals
DSD-2 Digital Delay / SamplerPedals
RV-6 ReverbPedals
GE-6 Graphic EqualizerPedals
CE-2 ChorusPedals
DM-2 DelayPedals
CS-1 Compressor SustainerPedals
RV-2 Digital ReverbPedals
SG-1 Slow GearPedals
PW-2 Power DriverPedals
BF-2B Bass FlangerPedals
GE-7B Bass EqualizerPedals
LM-2B Bass LimiterPedals
PQ-3B Bass Parametric EqualizerPedals
PQ-4 Parametric EqualizerPedals
HM-3 Hyper MetalPedals
XT-2 XtortionPedals
SD-2 Dual OverdrivePedals
ODB-3 Bass OverdrivePedals
AW-3 Dynamic WahPedals
HR-2 HarmonistPedals
AC-2 Acoustic SimulatorPedals
FZ-5 FuzzPedals
FZ-3 FuzzPedals
DS-1X DistortionPedals
GEB-7 Bass EqualizerPedals
SD-1w Super OverdrivePedals
AW-2 Auto WahPedals
LMB-3 Bass Limiter EnhancerPedals
PSM-5 Power SupplyPedals
LT DistPedals
CP-251 Moogerfooger Control ProcessorPedals
PH-1R PhaserPedals
LT MetalPedals
LT DrivePedals
LT BoostPedals
BF-2 FlangerPedals
HF300 Hi-Band FlangerPedals
UF100 Ultra FlangerPedals
BUF300 Ultra Bass FlangerPedals
SM200 Slow MotionPedals
SE200 Spectrum EnhancerPedals
FM600 Filter MachinePedals
FL600 Flanger MachinePedals
Ultra Flanger UF300Pedals
Whetstone Pedals
Banshee TalkboxPedals
MD-2 Mega DistortionPedals
Metal MasterPedals
BBE Sonic Maximizer500 Series
Main SqueezePedals
Tone DriverPedals
Bass DriverPedals
Hot RodPedals
Bass SqueezePedals
MT10 Mostortion Mos-Fet DistortionPedals
CD10 Delay ChampPedals
CP10 Compression SustainerPedals
TC10 Twin Cam ChorusPedals
TS10 Tube Screamer ClassicPedals
GE10 Graphic EQPedals
SF10 Swell FlangerPedals
Super Metal MiniPedals
Analog Delay MiniPedals
FC-10 Fat Cat DistortionPedals
SP400 Super Phase ShifterPedals
HF-2 Hi Band FlangerPedals

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