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? mA -15V

This Module is discontinued.


From flea to behemoth at the twist of a knob?

Sonic Holography is not new, however this design combining a psycho acoustical processor with a modern ultra clean throughput, and voltage control of both presence and of some serious bass enhancement circuitry, has never been available anywhere before!

The StereOspace is the ideal stereo output section for your modular system. Did we mention the convenient headphone pre-amp and adapter jacks built right into the front panel? You'll wonder how you got along without them!

This effect is quite different from reverb or echo as it is not a delay manipulating the size of a virtual performance space such as ordinary controls labeled "cathedral" or "small club". Instead it may very well control the perceived size of the listener themselves!

A pair of adult human eyes are typically about two and a half inches apart. In the visual world of 3D cinematography, the perceived size of say, Niagara Falls can be manipulated to look as big as the ocean or as small as a fishbowl - by varying the interocular spread or distance between two lenses.

If you were ten-thousand feet tall, the interocular space between your eyes might be hundreds of feet apart, while a butterfly's eyes are only a millimeter apart at best... as you can see, this interocular thing has quite large effect on the perceived size your world!

Translating this same phenomenon to the sonic, this unique module could be said to vary the perceived space between the listener's ears! Yes, it's different and something new!

Of course this is handy in so many ways, you might like to reach over and simply give the knobs a tweak now and then to help keep your output dynamically changing and excitingly fresh!

Amazing effects can be had In Surround Sound environments, by voltage controlling one StereOSpace for the front stereo spread, while a second StereOspace manipulates the rear surrounds. Go on, Freak 'em out!

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