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4 Channel C500 SeriesPrivate
4 Channel B500 SeriesPrivate
3 Channel500 SeriesPrivate
8 Channel B500 SeriesPrivate
8 Channel C500 SeriesPrivate
8 Channel G2500 SeriesPrivate
8 Channel F500 SeriesPrivate
8 Channel A500 SeriesPrivate
4 Channel A500 SeriesPrivate
12 Channel500 SeriesPrivate

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zonkola currently does not offer any modules on the marketplace

Submitted Modules

CA-250500 Series
GT-500500 Series
Splice MKII 500 Series500 Series
ez-1084-500500 Series
Electra 500500 Series
Bass BoxPedals
APA Leviathan 500 Opto Compressor500 Series
Chimera500 Series
Phoenix Gyrator EQ/500500 Series
Tonic EQ500 Series
1073D500 Series
Mister Focus - EQ500 Series
Mister Focus - COMP500 Series
Mister Focus - RGB500 Series
Blank Tie Line Panel500 Series
Blank Panel500 Series
MA5 Red Knob500 Series
ez1073eq500 Series
553F VTC500 Series
Elixir Mic Preamp500 Series
Essence Optical Compressor500 Series
RPQ500 (newer design)500 Series
73EQL500 Series
Lola - new front panel500 Series
ONE LA 500 - Black500 Series
FC526-XFMR500 Series