The Unicorn Account is an upgrade for registered ModularGrid users. You need this if you are planning a lot or huge Racks, since the limits for your planned Racks will be greatly enhanced.

Feature Comparison

Standard Unicorn
You first have to login or register to get an Unicorn Account
Amount of Racks 10 100
Max Rows 4 16
Max HP (Eurorack) 168 432
Swap Rows
Easiliy swap entire rows of modules in the planner
Module Collection
Create a list of modules you own to quicker use them later in the planner
Module Rack Track
Which of your modules are already assigned to a rack?
Builder's Notes
Your private notebook for your Rack build
Option to hide third party ads
Supporter Badge
Amount of Patches 10 30
Amount of Messages to be send per Hour 3 unlimited
Send Image Attachments
Used Price History
Offer Watchers
Get an email when someone offers a module you watched on the marketplace
5 2500
$34.98 per year


Just some bigger Racks? That's all you have to offer?

Essentially yes. You are also helping to support the development and operating costs of MG. Even if you do not need bigger Racks your contribution is greatly appreciated.

You want to trick me into some dubious subscription I am never able to cancel!?

No recurring payment. You pay once and after one year your account is downgraded automatically.

What happens after one year?

Not much. Your mighty Unicorn Account just expires and you are a MG Peasant again.

And my big Racks?

They stay big. But you cannot enlarge them anymore, cannot add new modules and you cannot create new ones if this would hit the limits.

Betrayal! I thought MG will be free forever!

Surprise. But look around, it still is. You can plan 10 racks in the size of a huge Doepfer Monstercase for free! The Unicorn Account just increases some limits for the heavy lifters. This will also help to keep the database clean by preventing the creation of zillion Rack duplicates.

This is way too expensive!

It's like we're shamelessly stealing three Doepfer patch cords from you!